Surface finishing

Surface finishing

We focus on in-house processes for surface treatments, which leads to rapid processing times. In addition, we verify and validate the processes to customers’ requirements. So, we are better able to accurately reproduce our processes and results with the state of the art technology in our own hands.

For deburring we offer many ergonomic workstations, equipped with magnifiers and electric grinders to allow us to work on filigree geometries manually.

In addition we have machinery for polishing large surfaces using tapes, panes or brushes. By using gloss polishing or mechanical honing we achieve superfine surfaces.

We are utilizing barrel finishing processes in the form of centrifugal polishing machines or the newly published stream finish technology. In this technique the barrel, filled with grinding granulates, rotates around the clamped workpiece. Through that we are able to manufacture precise surfaces like the process reliable deburring of tool blades. We have separate blast cabinets for ceramics, beads and sand.

With our electrolytic polishing we gain more corrosion resistance stainless steels with much smoother edges and surfaces.

To avoid heat treatment colours on stainless steels part the process will be done in an inert gas atmosphere. The final hardness of each heat treatment batch will be measured with our hardness tester, rather in Vickers, Rockwell or Brinell.

With our laser marking systems we can label your products according to your requests, including customer-specific logos, continuous lot numbers or UDI-coding. With the ultra-short pulse technology and camera based in-process controlling we use the newest technology.

As a further procedure to improve the corrosion resistance we use automated and program controlled passivation.